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Clover Creek Digital is a one-stop-resource for web development services. Our team of skilled professionals has the expertise and the experience to do it all. We’ll help you with every aspect of your project — from registering your domain and choosing a host server to integrating social media and implementing and maintaining your site. Turn your project over to us. We’ll take it from there!


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Website Development

Creating a new web project doesn’t have to be intimidating.

We are a one-stop-resource for web development services. Our team has the expertise and the experience to help you successfully bring your vision to reality on the web.

Website Design

The design of your website reflects the soul of your enterprise – whether it is a new e-commerce business, or someone that wants to share a hobby. Work with us to determine how you will show yourself to the world.

Application Development

Simple tools to make your day easier. Clover Creek Digital specializes in custom web application development. We take a business need, break it down into code, and turn it into an application.

Content Strategy

The mechanics behind a website is fairly simple. The message you put out to people is what will keep them engaged. The most difficult part of the development process is deciding what you want to say. Let us help you find your voice.

Website Management

Good web design is the right mix of technology and art. 

There’s a lot more to designing a website than creating a pretty company face. While it’s important to make a good impression with an attractive website, it’s essential to maintain your presence.

Regular Maintenance

Your website should run smoothly, leaving you to do all the other things. When properly maintained, they will run trouble-free for a very long time. Software updates, back-ups, and database optimizations are all part of a healthy routine.

Content Updates

Keep that dialog going. Keep your audience engaged with your message by keep your presence fresh. New products, new photos, new content. We can partner with you to keep your audienced coming back.

Wordpress Site Maintenance

CMS  sites require a bit of attention to keep on top of the latest updates to the core code and plugins. Security and speed are always top concerns. We can help you test, optimize, and maintain your WordPress website.

Featured Work

Intranet Specialists

We are proud to note that we’ve been working with Cisco Systems since 1997.  Our longstanding relationships with Cisco clients have spanned 25 years.

In the course of our associations, we have developed and maintained close to 100 internal websites and have programmed numerous custom database applications for them. Clover Creek Digital prides themselves at being experts on working well within the strict confines of the Cisco intranet, and develop serious tools to help with Cisco’s success.


Redline Development

From Concept to Commerce – South Bay Moto Performance

Steve knows how to make two-stroke bikes go fast. He teamed up with Clover Creek Digital to build an e-commerce website that went from concept to transacting business quickly.

Chill Makeover – Updating and Extending an Entrepreneur’s Web Presence

Petra was running a successful website when she approached Clover Creek Digital for some help with a facelift and e-commerce extension to her website. Clover Creek Digital implemented her design and migrated her store from SquareUp to Woocommerce to keep everything under one roof.

Ready to bring your amazing idea to life?

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About Clover Creek Digital

Working together for 25 years…

…and still talking to each other! The Ewert brothers – Kevin and Dave – started out computing in the mid-90s when they decided it would be fun to build a computer. After that was done, they needed to do something with them. They both grew to love the challenge of building websites, and then building custom web applications.

Doing something you love for work is great, but doing it with someone you love and respect is even better.


“They have worked with us, side by side, on some VERY tight deadlines, offered key strategic recommendations on the site, were flexible and available, and they have just been stellar to work with.”

Cisco Systems

You started the process by listening. I mean really LISTENING, to what it was I wanted to say to the world. You then presented me with an array of sites to review, which was a fun process to pick through.

Your whole team was RESPONSIVE and PROFESSIONAL throughout the process. The resulting site speaks for itself.

Bill Brown, CEO

Bill Brown Construction Company

We were VERY PLEASED with the the website they redesigned for us and we continue to receive favorable comments about it. Their ongoing website maintenance includes staying on top of AND FIXING any security breaches. In addition, Ewert handles our monthly e-newsletter layout and publishing and provides ad hoc graphic design services.

Mary Gospe, Co-founder and Principal

KickStart Alliance

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